Monday, March 23, 2009

Product of the Month: Garden Apron

Check out Volume 8 of Sew Simple magazine to learn how to make a garden apron! Email us at with your zip code to learn where you can purchase yardage to make your very own garden apron. This a great product for the Spring! It's super easy to clean and to store. This apron is perfect to use to hold tools or seeds while you're gardening or if you're busy crafting. We use this apron during our bi-annual warehouse sale to hold cash and other vendor accessories. Use Sew Simple's pattern to make a one in your favorite print and color. We just sent one to Michelle Obama to use in her White House garden!
Recently, Country Living magazine featured one of our own Garden Aprons in Bloom Red. Click here to check out Country Living magazine.

Sew Simple's oilcloth magnets

Volume 8 of Sew Simple magazine features these great oilcloth magnets. They're really easy to make and will add some charm to your kitchen. Amy Stalp, author of the article, says you'll need oilcloth scraps, magnets and matching or contrasting all-purpose thread. Check out the Sew Simple website for instructions on how to make your very own oilcloth magnets!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sugar Babe and Honey Child

Are you looking for practical yet stylish products for your lifestyle? Then look no further than Sugar Babe and Honey Child. This is a homegrown company started by Jenny Eastham of Houston, Texas, who decided to begin sewing products out of oilcloth when her sister had a baby girl. Check out the photo of this super cute diaper bag made from our Hibiscus Pink print! Jenny has created an assortment of great oilcloth products ranging from lunch coolers to laptop covers. Email Jenny at for more information. 

My Girls & Me

This month we're featuring a great product brought to you by My Girls & Me! The company is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. You can purchase an array of oilcloth items at their store Things In A Room. They've created these very stylish porch pillows! The pillows have either fruit or floral prints on one side and feature gingham or our paradise lace print on the other. To learn more about this product and the company click  here.