Sunday, November 20, 2011

Made With Love By Hannah

Made With Love By Hannah created this oilcloth apron bonnet with our Pears and Apples Red print! She says that she thought "a waterproof oilcloth apron bonnet [would] be useful for working in the yard when it's drizzling, or for collecting muddy stuff from the garden." Now that it's getting to be that time of the year, when the weather is a bit cold and wet, we think that this is the perfect oilcloth project! Click here to learn how to make your very own oilcloth apron bonnet and be sure to send us any of your oilcloth creations! Check out Hannah's blog Knick Knacks & Ric Rac!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great New Use for the Bucket Buddy!

A longtime member of our extended oilcloth family has discovered a new use for one of our favorite products, the Bucket Buddy! The Bucket Buddy can be used for gardening, it features 15 pockets inside and out so that you can carry all of your tools, seeds, and additional supplies to and from the garden with absolute ease and style! It fits a standard 5 gallon utility bucket that can be found at any local hardware store. Using the Bucket Buddy as a "Knitting Buddy," this oilcloth fan packed up this handy product with all sorts of knitting supplies! Great idea! Let us know what other fun uses you have discovered for any of our oilcloth products!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Latest Find: Chalk Pens!

Recently, our long time client Modern June introduced us to the conveniency and fun of the Chalk Pen! During a school house session at the Houston Quilt Market, Modern June, otherwise known as Oilcloth Addict, delighted everyone with the info that Chalk Pens work great with Chalkcloth (TM)! After a quick search online we found a variety of pens available, we even learned that another one of our wonderful clients, Chalkydoodles, offers a "Wet-Wipe Chalk Pen" for only $4.95! If old fashioned chalk just isn't cutting it make sure to try Chalk Pens, they're easy to use, simple to clean, and really allow you to get creative with Chalkcloth (TM)!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Houston Quilt Market 2011

Oilcloth International is getting ready to head over to Houston, Texas at the end of this month for the International Quilt Market! From October 29th-31st, 2011 Oilcloth International be showing off our latest prints and products at this renowned trade shows! Also, we'll be representing Kelly McCants, Oilcloth Addict & Modern June, author of Sewing with Oilcloth during the show, so make sure to stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Love this photograph of two musicians enjoying the ambiance of an evening in some bohemian locale! Our Istanbul oilcloth print makes a bold appearance in this picture, just another instance of oilcloth being a great addition to any table setting! Istanbul has been one of our most popular prints for over ten years! It's consistently praised for its vintage quality yet its black background gives it a modern, stylish feel.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lose for Good!

Today is an important day for the WeightWatchers' Lose For Good campaign! Today, every time you mention WeightWatchers and Lose For Good on an approved social media activity site such as blogs, twitter, and facebook, WeightWatchers will donate "$1.00, up to $75,000.00, 70% to Share our Strength and 30% to Action Against Hunger, as part of the Lose for Good campaign donation." At Oilcloth International, we support charity and we support healthy eating habits! Meals look great on oilcloth too, check out the oilcloth twitter where I'll be posting pictures of my WeightWatcher meals all day with my favorite oilcloth tablecloth as the perfect backdrop!
Please click here for more information and please

Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY: iPhone Oilcloth Project

It's really too bad that this iPhone case is sold out! The Jagger Edge Floral Leather iPhone cover looks so much like our Zoya White print! I have an old iPhone case that I'm considering using in a DIY oilcloth project to make my own oilcloth covered iPhone case! Will definitely post pics!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing with Oilcloth: The Book Tour

We are so excited for Kelly McCants, a longtime customer of ours, and the creator of Oilcloth Addict & Modern June, mother of two, and now- published author! Sewing with Oilcloth is a collection of "20 patterns that make sewing oilcloth easy, fresh, and fun"! Kelly has been "sewing for 27 years," after she "received [her] degree in Technical Theater and Fashion Merchandising" Kelly went on to design costumes for both film and theatre. Modern Juneoffers "handmade housewares for the hip home" and has an etsy site where you can find oilcloth goodies like party banners and table runners, or design your own oilcloth pillowcase!Oilcloth Addict feeds your "oilcloth addiction with tips and tutorials" and has an etsy sitewhere you can purchase an assortment of oilcloth, laminated cotton, and Chalkcloth (TM)fabric!

Sewing with Oilcloth is a compilation of easy to understand patterns, creative project ideas and beautiful photographs taken by Meghan McSweeney. The book is skillfully divided into four sections so that oilcloth addicts can choose from an array of project ideas and other important information, like the tools, that you need to create oilcloth projects that are super functional and absolutely stylish! From Ch. 1 "Tools, Tips, and Trims" to Ch.2 "For the House," Ch. 3 "For You," and Ch. 4 "For Kids," each chapter reflects the variety that oilcloth as a fabric has to offer. As a creative & successful entrepreneur, accomplished designer, and loving mother, it's clear that Kelly's lifestyle has influenced her in writing this smart, chic, fun book!
Some of our favorite patterns are the oilcloth "seat cushions...[which are] and easy-to-clean," we can imagine your friends and family admiring this oilcloth project for years to come. The "Chalk Cloth Table Runner" is another project that we think is sure to draw attention and compliments at your next get together. The "Farmers Market Tote" is another project that will yield a creation that you'll wonder how you used to live without, featuring "four exterior pockets for...herbs and flowers and [an] interior pocket [for] a safe place to" this bag is great for shopping!

Sewing with Oilcloth is a rare book, it's clear that Kelly holds oilcloth in a special place in her heart; she mentions the way that when some customers "touch and feel oilcloth, it takes them back in time," it reminds them of their mothers and grandmothers, of cooking family meals in the kitchen or taking family trips to "Woolworth's to get a new oilcloth for the kitchen table." Many of our customers have told us about their memories attached with oilcloth and we, like Kelly, are proud and excited to provide families of generations to come with even more!

Scroll down to see the blog schedule for Sewing with Oilcloth's book tour, make sure to check it out for more information on this great book! Leave us a comment and we'll pick one lucky reader to receive a copy of the book along with some free fabric so you can start on one of the smaller projects in the book!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from Oilcloth International! Labor Day is a federal holiday that celebrates the contributions made by the American workforce. This holiday has been in practice for over a century, the first Labor Day was held in September of 1882. Oregon made it a holiday five years later and it wasn't until almost seven years after that what we know as Labor Day became a federal Holiday. It's a "symbolic end of summer" but don't let that get you down because we hope that you'll share a relaxing day with friends and family! Oilcloth always makes these special occasions even more memorable, and with our variety of of over 50 prints and colors you can be sure to find something that will fit your personal style and holiday get together. We carry an assortment of Gingham colors, this Gingham Navy is such a class print and color combination, in addition to the fruit and floral prints we offer, we have basics such as stripes and animal prints (Zebra, Giraffe, and Jaguar) that will be sure to get people talking!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalkcloth (TM)

We are so impressed with the Chalkcloth (TM) creations that have been cross our path these past few months! Oilcloth International offers rolls of oilcloth as well as the Chalkcloth (TM) Take and Go Play Mat; and we've seen even more projects that are super functional and stylish! Chalkcloth (TM) can be great to identify different cuisines at holiday gatherings or dinner parties, table runners, tablecloths, party banners, great to-do lists that you can't forget about, labels, artwork, tote bags, reminders for spices, and much, much more! Chalkcloth (TM) is a noteworthy fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Make sure to cure your Chalkcloth (TM) before use, check out "Sewing with Oilcloth" for some fun patterns and projects using Chalkcloth (TM)!

Oilcloth for the People

Aztec Lime is a beautiful print that reminds us of traditional Mexican textiles! This folky pattern comes in a variety of colors, including Black, Orange, and Purple. This print is one of our most recent editions to our collection of over 50 prints and colors of oilcloth fabric!

In Bloom

Bloom Magenta is a beautiful print! This floral pattern comes in an assortment of colors, but we think this vibrant shade is super stylish and fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The A Store

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, The A Store is a fabulous boutique that offers a great selection of oilcloth right off the roll! The A Store brings together a mix chic and kitsch! In addition to contemporary furniture and decor they carry an assortment of candles in a rainbow of colors, beautiful glassware, stoneware, handmade jewelry and an array of to die for beauty products! Built in 1947, the store is located in the oldest shopping center west of the Mississippi River, it's a real treat to see this retro space!

The A Store

The A Store

The A Store

The A Store, located in Albuquerque, NM, offers an assortment of goodies! From oilcloth to contemporary furniture, beautifully colored 14 hour burning candles to quality made cosmetic products, this shop has so many different treasures!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Oilcloth a Part of Your Summer Fun

Sugar Babe and HoneyChild offers an array of oilcloth goodies! Right now, my favorite item is the oilcloth wine carrier! Ummm...yes, please! I'll take one for all my summer fun, it's be great to have at any of the cemetery screenings at Hollywood Forever!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here's a great picture from our reps over in the Kregger showroom at the L.A. Mart, Suite 855! For all you wholesalers (remember-Kregger is not open to the public) contact Craig Kramer at (213) 7465734 for more information! Check out their oilcloth wares by appointment only, find them here at the L.A. Mart's official website.

No Sew No Problem

Don't forget that you can always use no sew tape for an assortment of oilcloth projects!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bucket Buddy!

Home Depot has these colorful new buckets that are perfect to pair with our oilcloth Bucket Buddy! This great oilcloth product is super handy and vibrant! The Bucket Buddy is great for anyone who likes to garden! With 15 pockets you can have all your tools, gloves, and seeds organized and easy to reach. It's easy to clean and care for and fits any standard 5 gallon utility bucket (bucket is not included). The Bucket Buddy comes in three different fruity and floral prints!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is a haven full of eye candy; fashion, food, and household projects make up Emily Schuman's blog. Schuman, who is "in the process of writing [her] first book," is also the Style Director for In a recent blog post titled Kitchen Essentials, Schuman features a project that uses Chalkcloth (TM)! This functional and fashionable fabric has always been popular, but more and more we are seeing it used in different ways. It's great for in the kitchen, either attached to a fridge or stylized with a vintage frame! Chalkcloth (TM) adds that touch of coolness to any home, bringing together the classic with the trendy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oilcloth Project: Barstools

The Diary of a Craft Chica offers a great project idea with this fiesta barstool.

Cut Out & Keep: Project Idea

Here's a smart and easy oilcloth project idea that is both functional and eye catching! Cut Out & Keep, a site that asks users to "make and share step-by-step craft tutorials," offers easy to follow instructions about how to make your very own Pin Up Board. Using our Paradise Lace Orange print, a vintage floral inspired pattern, these creative crafters made a board that can be hung on the wall or placed anywhere around the house to showcase pictures of friends or family, to do lists, and the like.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sewing with Oilcloth by Kelly McCants

While oilcloth has been around for a century, it is once again becoming a household staple; perfect for use in the kitchen, for baby and kid projects, or for bags and totes. This specialty sewing book will give reader the ins, outs and how –tos of this versatile and functional fabric.

SEWING WITH OILCLOTH (Wiley; August 29, 2011, $18.99) covers sewing with the family of specialty fabrics collectively known as oilcloth. Easy-to-follow instructions, and special tips and tricks needed to get the most out of these fabrics are covered. The unique applications of each fabric and how to treat and care for the finished pieces is also described in detail.

From home goods to accessories, from baby gear to outdoor decor, you'll find oilcloth sewing projects that unlock the potential of both traditional choices and new designer prints. You'll follow along helpful, trouble-free instructions to sew oilcloth projects like a simple tablecloth, garden apron, farmer's market tote, baby bib, and so much more.


  • Features beautiful and polished full-color photographs of all projects
  • Projects for the Home: readers will find out how to make a simple tablecloth, a chalkboard table runner, storage bins, tags handy for organizing or gifting, a garden apron, a patio seat cushion, a festive party banner, and an appliqué pillow to accent outdoor decor.
  • Moms will love the collection of wipe-clean items for babies and kids which include a bib, a splat mat, an art smock, a mommy apron, a toddler apron, and a wet bag.

Whether you're a seasoned stitcher or just starting out in the exciting world of sewing with oilcloth, this one-of-a-kind book gives you everything you need to easily get the most out of this specialty fabric.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Chicano Heritage Mural

Located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, the Chicano Heritage Mural at Figueroa Street and Avenue 61, commemorates Chicano history, including the Chicano movement of the 1960s. Oilcloth International is located a block down from this famous intersection for over ten years! We are proud of our neighborhood, and the mural is a daily reminder of our cultural heritage as Los Angelenos. Click here to learn more about this special community in NELA (Northeast Los Angeles).

Outdoor Dining with Oilcloth

As we get further into the Summer months it's important to make the most of free time and sunny days! Check out the Public Lands Information Center website that offers information on finding local campgrounds! Explore your "one-stop source for recreation information" and learn more about public lands near you. They even have a mobile service! Oilcloth is always a great option for outdoor dining! It's easy to clean, fold up or roll up and carry on home, plus it's super stylish!

Exclusive Print for Summer!

Here at Oilcloth International we are excited to offer an exclusive print! This gorgeous, vintage print is called Medallion Red and is available in a 54" width! This print is great for summer and would be perfect to liven up any interior space or add a touch of style to an outdoor table setting!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oilcloth International Bi-Annual Warehouse Sale 6/25!!!

This Saturday, June 25th, from 9AM-2PM Oilcloth International will host our Bi-Annual Warehouse Sale in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA! Please join us in the unique event in which we are open to the public! It only happens twice a year, and we have lots of goodies! Everything from rolls of oilcloth in vintage prints, fruit prints, floral prints, rolls of our Garvanza utility cloth, Chalkcloth (TM), aprons, ditty bags, cosmetic cases, tote bags in small, medium, and large, as well as tablecloths by pound! This event is cash and check only, there will be plenty of parking available, our address is:

134 N. Ave 61
Unit # 101
Los Angeles, CA

We hope to see you there! Please remember that the best selection is available in the earlier part of the day, however, we do not open before 9AM! Make sure to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Papel Picado Commissioned by the Hollywood Bowl Museum

Recently, the Hollywood Bowl Museum commissioned Margaret and Josie Sosa to create these beautiful papel picado creations. Click here for a close-up! They remind us a lot of our own papel picado print, San Miguel, shown here in black and white. Margaret says "the museum is having a year long exhibit of Latino artists who have performed at the Bowl...for many years now, Josie and I have worked together on cutting paper. I do the drawings and then we both cut and string the paper...working on this papel has been especially gratifying for me as each sheet of papel you see in the images is 29"X19," twice the size we usually work in and in addition, we cut 4 large panels, about 38"X49," on handmade paper...working on these non-traditional sizes and paper was so inspiring and fun for me to do."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alison Magrane, Designing with Oilcloth

June 11th, The Art Institute of California - Hollywood will host the Hollywood Marks 20th Anniversary of their fashion design program with red carpet vintage show! "This year marks the 20th Anniversary of The Art Institute of California - Hollywood's Fashion Design Program...the annual student fashion show titled Red Carpet Vintage, will pay homage to decades of fashion from 1920 to 1960 with a modern twist." Student and fashion designer, Alison Magrane, will feature her collection that showcases oilcloth as clothing! Learn more about the up and coming designer by checking out her facebook page, Alison Magrane Fashion Design or her current online portfolio.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Neighborhood Salon

The Neighborhood Salon in Echo Park, CA is a stylish, community driven business in one of our favorite parts of Los Angeles! Owner Ava strives "to create a place that embodies the vibrance of the community she loves." We had our hair done there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. These oilcloth lined cubbys serve as inspiration for your own household oilcloth projects! The beautiful and colorful paint makes a great pairing with the vintage flair of our Pears and Apples Yellow print!

A Very New Oilcloth Product!

We at Oilcloth International are excited to introduce the oilcloth Peg Bag as our latest product! Just in time for summer, the Peg Bag is perfect for drying laundry the old fashioned way outside in the summer heat! The bag features two of our most popular prints, Stella Cherries and Paradise Lace -both in black. This new product is both stylish and functional!

Oilcloth Project Idea

Check out the CI Project of the Week, the Existential Tray, a great DIY project idea made even better with oilcloth! You can easily use oilcloth to line trays, drawers, etc. because oilcloth is easy to cut and clean! The project is courtesy of artist Kerry Lynn of 7gypsies.

Our New Oilcloth Print!

Introducing our new oilcloth print Tehuana! This beautiful floral print that we will offer in black, brown, and a purple background!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Modern June: Sewing with Oilcloth

Modern June, a great company that offers "handmade housewares for the hip home," will release a new book called Sewing with Oilcloth: 20 Patterns That Make Sewing with Oilcloth Easy. Fresh. and Fun. Click here to pre-order from Amazon.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Oilcloth Item!

Check out Oilcloth International's new print combination for one of our most popular products, the small tote! Our classic Faux Bois Birch print paired with our funky new Zebra Brown is sure to make a popular item for summer!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oilcloth Project: Ditty Bag

Click here to learn how to make your very own oilcloth ditty bag! Martha Stewart and company have featured a unique pattern for an oilcloth bag that can hold your lunch, accessories, or whatever else your heart desires! This photo features one of our These Are History Prints called Pillowticking Blue and one of our current best selling prints, Gingham Kiwi Green!