Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco

After a great road trip up North, from Los Angeles to San Francisco we've come back with a new obsession! The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco is one of the absolute best farmers markets we've ever been to! Not only does the farmers market offer everything from beautiful flowers, organic produce, gourmet mushrooms of every variety, fresh bread, goat milk yogurt (mmm...) but they're also big fans of oilcloth! It is great to see so many vendors using oilcloth in their stands as well as seeing San Franciscans out and about enjoying their morning with oilcloth in the background! The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is a California Certified Farmers Market operated by CUESA. Since 1993 they've been running 2 markets per week, one on Tuesday from 10 AM-2PM and one on Saturday from 8AM-2PM! Click here for more information about The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

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