Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kevin Baker Paintings

Kevin Baker, an artist living and working in New York City, uses oilcloth in many of his beautiful works of art. We were taken aback by the creativity of his works, since we couldn't choose a favorite, we'll be posting a few more of his pieces. This one features our Rosegall Aqua print. "In Kevin's paintings, floral oilcloths are transformed into playful environments full of air and movement."


kevin23mu said...

Hi!! This is Kevin Baker, and I just found this blog! Thank you so much for loving my work and writing about me! I've been painting on oilcloth for a long time now. I even received my Masters in Fine Arts painting on oilcloth. Oilcloth should be taken seriously!!! I do!
Who knew it had unlimited possibilities!? We did!!!! Who hasn't used it in their life at some point? I remember putting puzzles together on it, card games with grandma, and the cigarette burns she had made all over the surface. :) Ooo Mammaw!
My paintings link and reconnect all classes and all types of people. I feel my paintings symbolize peace, harmony, love, rhythm, music, beauty, and escapes into our imaginations.
Tiffany and Co. has recently been purchasing my paintings to decorate their stores lately. Shanghai, China and White Plains,NY stores are amazing! I feel like I have put oilcloth where no oilcloth has ever gone before!!! Woo hoo!
Cheers to the inspirational oilcloth!!!
And to Us!!
For all you oilcloth lovers, artists, and intellectuals out there, I hereby declare, Kevin Baker.. now and forever... started the Oilcloth Painting Movement.
Check me out in Interview Magazine to find out more!

Kevin Baker

Oilcloth International said...

Hi Kevin! We are so happy that you found us! We love your work as well as your colorful memories of oilcloth. A very big congratulations on all your success! We support you and your Oilcloth Painting Movement!