Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be All That You Can Be

"Jennifer Konstanzer, of Columbia, Mo., views the silk-screen canvases of Andy Warhol at the opening Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, of an art exhibit celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art in Sedalia, Mo. The exhibit showcases 125 art pieces from the museum's permanent collection at State Fair Community College."

These beautifully silk-screened images remind us of our oilcloth camouflage prints! Click here to check out Camouflage Blue and Camouflage Green!
(AP Photo/Sedalia Democrat, Sydney Brink)

Quilting As You Go

Our Zebra Black oilcloth print made an appearance on the cover of this quilting magazine promoted by the G.E. Designs company! Click here to learn more about how to make your own oilcloth tote bag!

Oilcloth on Dexter

After a long hiatus, Oilcloth International is back in the blogosphere! So glad to be back to blogging and celebrating all that is oilcloth! So, while I have tons of projects and people to commend via the blog, I have decided to present one of the latest and greatest oilcloth on TV glimpses! During the last season of Showtime's Dexter, the show's central character enjoyed finger food displayed upon an oilcloth tablecloth. Seeing as the show is set in Miami it's no surprise that set designers chose our Oranges Light Blue print! Oilcloth looks great on and offscreen!