Monday, April 19, 2010

Stranded in Paris

Bonjour from Paris! First off, I must apologize for the total lack of blogging for the past 2 weeks! Members of the oilcloth team (including myself) have been vacationing in Paris since April 2nd. We were to return the 16th but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland we are "stuck". Although we do count ourselves lucky to be in the city of lights and not stranded in an airport or worse we absolutely cannot wait to return to work and our home in LA! Our scheduled flight has been repeatedly cancelled, unfortunately we are unable to book a flight until Sunday the 25th, more than a week past our original return date. We have great people working with us in LA so that Oilcloth International can keep running smoothly; but please send us positive vibes in hopes that we get home soon!

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