Monday, January 24, 2011

February 14th Is Coming!

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, don't forget about oilcloth and its wide range of possibilities! Regardless of whether or not you're planning a romantic dinner, or a party for lots of friends and loved ones, oilcloth is always a gorgeous option for any table setting. As place mats or tablecloths, oilcloth would add that special something for your meal with that special someone. Also, oilcloth is a creative and unique way of making your very own Valentine's Day card. Easy to cut and paste with, such oilcloth prints as Gingham Red, Hibiscus Pink, Katia Magenta, Mini Gingham Pink, Polka Dot Red Ground, Tupelo Pink, Stella Pink or Stella Red, Bloom Magenta, or Red, Paris Peach, Paradise Lace Black, Pink, or Red will make your Valentine's Day that much more memorable!

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