Monday, June 13, 2011

Papel Picado Commissioned by the Hollywood Bowl Museum

Recently, the Hollywood Bowl Museum commissioned Margaret and Josie Sosa to create these beautiful papel picado creations. Click here for a close-up! They remind us a lot of our own papel picado print, San Miguel, shown here in black and white. Margaret says "the museum is having a year long exhibit of Latino artists who have performed at the Bowl...for many years now, Josie and I have worked together on cutting paper. I do the drawings and then we both cut and string the paper...working on this papel has been especially gratifying for me as each sheet of papel you see in the images is 29"X19," twice the size we usually work in and in addition, we cut 4 large panels, about 38"X49," on handmade paper...working on these non-traditional sizes and paper was so inspiring and fun for me to do."

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