Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalkcloth (TM)

We are so impressed with the Chalkcloth (TM) creations that have been cross our path these past few months! Oilcloth International offers rolls of oilcloth as well as the Chalkcloth (TM) Take and Go Play Mat; and we've seen even more projects that are super functional and stylish! Chalkcloth (TM) can be great to identify different cuisines at holiday gatherings or dinner parties, table runners, tablecloths, party banners, great to-do lists that you can't forget about, labels, artwork, tote bags, reminders for spices, and much, much more! Chalkcloth (TM) is a noteworthy fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Make sure to cure your Chalkcloth (TM) before use, check out "Sewing with Oilcloth" for some fun patterns and projects using Chalkcloth (TM)!

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