Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rural Spin

Recently, Rural Spin, a blog that brings "traditional home and garden arts to a new generation," posted this picture of a typical kitchen from the early-mid Twentieth Century and of course oilcloth makes an appearance in the photo! This image was taken by the Farm Security Administration & Office of War Information. As one commentator stated, "this is [a time during which] kitchens weren't about...high priced gadgetry, but the life center of the home. Well worn pieces that were tried and true...[it was] all about simplicity and practicality" (Kris Roup). It makes sense that an oilcloth tablecloth would be a requisite accessory to any home during this time period. Nowadays, some Americans are surrounded by disposability- a throw away tablecloth might be more common in an average household, but it doesn't have to be that way, oilcloth is a sturdy, easy to clean, highly functional fabric that is offered in a variety of prints and colors for you to choose from. In accordance with the modern movement toward sustainability let's all take a note from the past and remember why it's important to invest in enduring products!

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