Monday, March 29, 2010

Forever Green

Over the summer of 2008 Cardie Molina, the President of Oilcloth International wrote a letter to the editor of Fortune Small Business magazine in regards to going green. "As the owner of a green business, I enjoyed "Selling Green Houses (and Cars and Fuel)" (June). My company wholesales oilcloth yardage, tablecloths, and other home products. Because our stock comes on 12-yard rolls, we always generate leftovers when we cut tablecloths. Several years ago a light bulb went on-now we sell oilcloth "scrap" by the pound to fabric stores and small manufacturers. Instead of going to a landfill, it goes to so much use that we can barely meet demand. We've also tried to apply green practices in other aspects of our business. We use both sides of the paper for printing purchase orders, we buy recycled boxes for shipping, and we return wooden pallets to contractors. The little things add up."

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